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NSOU BDP EEG-6 Assignment All Answer 2022 | EEG-6 Assignment 2022 | EEG-6 MCQ For Assignment & Exam 2022

NSOU BDP EEG-6 Assignment All Answer 2022 | EEG-6 Assignment 2022 | EEG-6 MCQ For Assignment & Exam 2022

NSOU BDP EEG-6 Assignment All Answer 2022 | EEG-6 Assignment 2022 | EEG-6 MCQ For Assignment & Exam 2022

1) Who is considered to be the first ever detective novelist in English?

Ans: Wilkie Collins.

2) What is the poetic form of Tennyson's"Ulysses"?

Ans: Elegy.

3) Which town does Bathsheba go to after rejecting Gabriel's proposal?

Ans: Weather bury.

4) How many lectures are there in Carlyle 's "Heroes and Hero-Worship"?

Ans: Six lectures.

5) Who according to Thomas Carlyle is 'the saint of poetry'?

Ans: Dante.

6) Which of the following can be called a cultural landmark in the Victorian England?

Ans: The Great Exhibition

7) Which of the following acts was not passed during the Victorian period?

Ans: Women's suffrage act.

8) Who was the pioneer of Pre-Raphaelite Movement in England?

Ans: Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

9) Which of W.H.Thackray's novels is subtitled A novel without a hero"?

Ans: Vanity Fair

10) Who proposed the 'downward filtration theory of education' in Colonial India?

Ans: Thomas Babington Macaulay.

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11) Whose death is mourned by Tennyson in "Break, Break, Break"?

Ans: Arthur Henry Hallam.

12) What is the Duke arranging in Browning 's"My Last Duchess "?

AnsA new marriage for himself.

13) Who is the"Angel in the House"in Caharles Dickens "David Copperfield "?

Ans: Agnes.

14) What disaster befalls Gabriel's sheep in Hardy's "Far From the Madding Crowd"?

Ans: they are driven of a precipice by the sheepdog.

15) Who is responsible for the fire at Thornfield?

Ans: Bertha Mason.

16) Two eminent prose writers of the Victorian Age are:

Ans: Thomas Carlyle and Thomas Babington Macaulay.

17) What is the central theme of the poem'Ulysses"by Alfred Lord Tennyson?

Ans: Search for adventure, experience and knowledge.

18) Mention one of the central themes of the poem'Dover Beach?

Ans: Loss of Faith.

19) David Copperfield was born in:

Ans: Blunder stone, Suffolk, England.

20) When did Indian Sepoy Mutiny take place?

Ans: 1857.


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