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NSOU EEG-5 Assignment All Answer 2022 | EEG-5 Assignment 2022 |EEG-5 MCQ For Assignment & Exam 2022

NSOU EEG-5 Assignment All Answer 2022|EEG-5 Assignment 2022|EEG-5 MCQ For Assignment & Exam 2022

NSOU EEG-5 Assignment All Answer 2022 | EEG-5 Assignment 2022 |EEG-5 MCQ For Assignment & Exam 2022

1) To which Romantic poet is the following line attributed: "What the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth'?

Ans: Keats

2) In the poem"The Lamb" how many timees does the interrogative refrain appear?

Ans: Four times.

3) What is the best way to Categorise Christabel as a Romantic poem?

Ans: Mediaevalist

4) Which novel by Jane Austen came first in the order of publication?

Ans: Sense and Sensibility

5) Why is Mincing Lane mentioned in Charles Lamb's essay "The Superannuated Man"?

Ans: As housing the offices of the East India Company

6) The Latin saying Horas non numero nisi serenas with which on "A Sundial"'opens means.....

Ans: I count only the hours that are serene

7) In explaining Negative Capability, John Keats refers to

Ans: Shakespeare

8) When did the French Revolution take place?

Ans: 1789

9) When was Lyrical Ballads published?

Ans: 1798

10) In which poem does the figure of Geraldine appear?

Ans: Christabel

11) Who wrote Adonais?

Ans: PB.Shelley

12) Who wrote "Confessions of an English Opium Eater"?

Ans: Thomas De Quincy

13) When was Waverley released?

Ans: 1814

14) When was the anthology "Songs of Innocence"published?

Ans: 1789

15) From which poem is the line "Did he who made the lamb make thee" taken?

Ans: The Tyger

16) What is the name of Christabel 's father?

Ans: Sir Leoline

17) Who said "Poetry is the spontaneous over flow of powerful feelings"?

Ans: William Wordsworth

18) Who are generally called the First Generation Romantics of English literature?

Ans: Wordsworth and Coleridge

19) What are the two entities that the lamb is equated with in "The Lamb"?

Ans: Christ and a child

20) Who are Maenads?

Ans: Followers of Dionysus.


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