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NSOU BDP EEG- 8 Assignment All Answer 2022 | EEG-8 Assignment 2022 | EEG-8 MCQ For Assignment & Exam 2022

NSOU BDP EEG- 8 Assignment All Answer 2022 |EEG-8 Assignment 2022 | EEG-8 MCQ For Assignment & Exam 2022

NSOU BDP EEG- 8 Assignment All Answer 2022 | EEG-8 Assignment 2022 | EEG-8 MCQ For Assignment & Exam 2022

NSOU BDP ফাইনাল পরীক্ষার সমস্ত উত্তর নিচের দেওয়া লিঙ্ক এ পেয়ে যাবেন। আশা করি আপনাদের পরীক্ষা ভালো ভাবে সম্পূর্ণ হোক।



NSOU BDP ACO-02 2022 




1) Who dubbed Indian English literature as'Shakuntala in a mini skirt"?
Ans: K.R.Srinivasa lyengar.

2) Whose name is associated with'Minutes of Education (1835)?
Ans: Thomas Babington Macaulay.

3) Who wrote "The Fakeer of Jungheera:A Metrical Tale and Other Poems"(1827)?
Ans: Henry Louis Vivian Derozio.

4) Which one is the first Indian English Drama?
Ans: Krishna Mohan Banerjee's "The Persecuted".

5) In which year was Salman Rushdie's novel "Midnight's Children' published?
Ans: 1981.

6) Which award did Arundhati Roy win for God of Small Things "?
Ans: Booker Prize.

7) Who among the following is a diasporic writer?
Ans: Jhumpa Lahiri.

8) What is the name of the river in A.K.Ramanujan's poem "A River?
Ans: Vaigai.

9) Whose daughter is Leela in R.K.Narayan's The English Teacher?
Ans: Susila.

10) What are the names of the conjoined twins in Mahesh Dattani's Tara ?
Ans: Chandan and Tara.

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11) Where is the story of Raja Rao's "India a Fable" set?
Ans: Luxembourg.

12) Who is the author of The Great Indian Novel?
Ans: Shashi Tharoor.

13) Who is Raka in Anita Desai's novel "Fire on the Mountain'?
Ans: Tara's daughter.

14) What was Mr.Hartono's occupation in Ruskin Bond's'Escape from Java "?
Ans: College Teacher.

15) From which author's work does Anita Desai derive the title of her novel"'Fire on the Mountain?
Ans: William Golding.

16) "The telling has not been easy.One has to convey in a language that is not one's own the spirit that is one's own-Whose words are these?
Ans: Raja Rao

17) Who wrote the play 'The Brahmin's Curse?
Ans: T.P Kailasam.

18) Which Indian novelist writing in English introduced the technique of magic realism?
Ans: Salman Rushdie.

19) Which Shakespearean sonnet does Derozio's poem The Harp of India" closely echo?
Ans: Sonnet 73.

20) In "Our Casuarina Tree "which bird is said to 'hail the day ?
Ans: Kokilas


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